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Rainfurrest 2015 - Sub-thread for outside con events

For a restaurant closer to RF than Seattle, I highly highly recommend Indian Curry Palace. It’s right near the Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, making it just a bus ride away (I recommend the A-line).

It’s a gem of a place we just found this last weekend. The name and exterior made us nervous, but don’t let them fool you. The service was top notch, even extending to our waiter suggesting something that wasn’t on the menu! The menu is extensive, giving a wide variety of options. And the food! Ooooh the food! We’ve eaten at a few Indian places, including proper snazzy places in Seattle. They don’t compare <3

We definitely have a new favorite Indian restaurant, and if time allows we’ll be taking some of our house guests there for RF.

Are there pubs near the con? Several people desire alcohol, and pubs have food!

I did a search for nearby destinations likely to be of interest to craft beer enthusiasts. The closest one that came up, and the only one within walking distance, was Sharps RoastHouse, which is also a full-service restaurant. The restaurant side looks a bit pricey, however.