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New Avenue For Anthro Fiction?

I know that Chris Lester’s Metamor City stories frequently have furry characters and he records them as podcasts before publishing them on Amazon.

Though, given that he self-publishes, as Liminal Corvid Press, I expect he doesn’t have any legal issues that authors who have others publish their works.

Income from podcasting, so far as I can tell, would be sparse, probably limited to Patreon or similar donation schemes. I don’t know if you’d be able to convert podcasts to Audible audiobooks. Still, if you’re already posting stories on SoFurry for free it probably wouldn’t hurt to Podcast them, help promote your works I suppose. I did record a story of mine as an mp3 and put it on my galleries just to see the response http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20190263/

This looks like a wonderful idea. I had a couple of stories in the old Anthrodreams podcast, and it was a really cool experience to listen to them being told by someone else. I’d definitely be interested in submitting stories to this. :slight_smile: And, heck, I can try lending my voice to it as well, if you’re accepting samples for that.

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It would be a lot of fun to narrate, though my bit of a speech impediment and lack of recording equipment might be an auto-disqualification XD Still, it looks like a fun project :3

This seems like just the thing I’d love to do to stretch the vocal muscles. If you’re looking for a test-read to do some things with, I’ve got some microphones and recording software. Of course I’d probably have to upgrade both for anything really serious, but I would really like to try. :smiley:

Heya! I’m in a similar boat, so to speak lol. I’m trying to ge into voice acting and narration, I have the starter equipment I just don’t have the resources or connections to get going.
I know this is an older post, but I was hoping some of you guys might still be around and would be willing to give some advice or even have a direction to point me in, lol. Thank you!